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1 Hartley Street, Sheffield S2 3AQ
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‘The Brand New Idea’ isn’t just our name – it’s a genuine promise of marketing innovation, originality and something more refreshing.

Customer Insight

We put your customers first. By identifying needs, and monitoring trends & behaviour, we can more effectively tailor your marketing and sales offer.
User Journey, Goal Conversion, Customer Profiling

Channel Marketing

We go where your customers go, exploiting existing channels and platforms to promote your brand and grow your business.
Social Campaigns, Content Marketing & SEO, Paid Advertising (offline and online)


Brand isn’t just your logo, it’s the summation of all the ways in which you touch your customers and their subsequent investment in you.
Competitor Analysis, Brand Positioning, Market Research


You know you want more business. You know you want to maximise spend and improve your conversion rate. Let us inform your approach.
Marketing Reviews, Creative Idea Sessions, Growth Opportunities