The Brand New Idea - Innovative Mobile App for GK Group



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Delivering roadside recovery through an innovative mobile app

GK Group · Digital


GK wanted to promote their accident recovery offer with existing and new customers. Internally, they'd envisaged this as a simple flyer with supporting collateral, but we thought it could be more. The product needed to fulfil four key objectives: 1) Long Shelf Life 2) Memorable 3) Easy to Access and 4) Be something that stays with the person or car.

After a exhaustive brainstorming session, we turned to the idea of having a mobile app. It fulfilled all our key objectives and provided a digital route - low cost to disseminate and easy to amend/change. What followed was a process of tech/functional spec, design, development, testing and delivery through the Google Play and Apple's App Store.

An app also had the advantage of being transferable from car to car - a massive advantage if customers went to another car dealership as we could still push targeted sales messages to existing customers.


The finished app included a number of industry-first features, such as real-time information provided at the point of accident notification using GPS coordinates. Operators could now instantly ascertain a customer's location - helping Roadside Assistance teams to accurately pinpoint incident locations and provide more efficient recoveries.

Insurance claims were streamlined - no need to remember customer reference numbers, contact details or keep mutiple bits of paper safe - everything can be handled within the app. Advisors dealing with the recovery could also push targeted sales and marketing information straight to the customer - encouraging them to get an MOT test or car service, for example.