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Launching a new leisure brand to claim 50% market mind share

Jump Inc · Digital, Design, Brand


With a 3 year plan to put a trampoline park in pretty much every major city in the UK, Jump Inc had big ambitions and aspirations. Aspirations that they realised would inevitably require a strong brand and communications strategy to achieve.

Whilst the proposition seemed relatively straightforward, after some initial interrogation it was evident that this would require sound strategic thinking. Positioning the business correctly would be crucial to success. All culturally centred propositions are renowned for their trickiness, assuming you know the mind of an extensively youth orientated market has been the downfall of many a confident agency. Add to this the range of potential activities that can be experienced at the trampoline park and you have a host of diverse bases to touch and audiences with whom to communicate.


It was clear from the outset that we needed to create something that was ultimately a sum of its parts. We needed to find a common thread that would connect and underpin our message and the brand strategy itself. And that had to be the experience itself.

Again, as one of those activity innovations born of youthful thrill seeking and more closely linked to extreme sports and activities, we wanted to connect with these cultural and attitudinal values. We needed to evidence and articulate the experience in the brand itself. It was inevitable that we couldn’t appeal to everyone in terms of specific expectations, but we could appeal to everyone’s anticipations and imaginations – the possibilities of what might be.

The first step was to capture this in images both still and moving – real people active in the experience. Once we had achieved this we brought emphasis to the energy and dynamism by exaggerating space and perspective. Adding to this a vibrant, striking colour palette and bold typographics gave us the strong, flexible visual identity able to accommodate a variety of messaging and appeal to an equally broad audience.

We’re currently in the process of rolling out the brand following its successful launch all backed by a strategic social media strategy for our digital marketing team. Keep tapping into our news to find out how it’s all going.